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Is there any plan to do something with these or do we just let them pile up in inventory rather than sell then for 1copper via Trader? Oh okay the Gilded Triangles are worth 5Gold. Point is they are dead in the water. Can't transfer them, salvage them, upgrade them, just dump them? Seems like a waste of resources to buy them in first place! Oh - and you don't know they are dead until you get a random gem from various sources, never to get one again! Only place that seems safe to buy a gem is from the dragon trader using 8 Solar Energy!



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The only point of the gilded triangles is to help a new player to have decent gems until you can get and craft your own transferable hongmoon gilded gems. That's the only use for them and why they were introduced to begin with. They were never meant to be multi use transferable items.

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Since it takes a long time for new players to get full Tringular Gems they where introduced to make it easier for new players to get some AP. They where never and are not meant to be for endgame if you get better ones throw them away.


if you dont agree with that just dont get thoose gems you will be useless regardless of what kinda ap you have as a new player.

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