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When will PVP and PVE receieve balance updates? NCWEST?

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Currently, in pvp Blade masters, blade dancers, Des,  Are way over tunned. Blade masters, have a lot of resists, full screen combo starters that 100 to zero you, a block. The blade dancer is similar. 

The warlock class is currently very very weak in pve, and somewhat weak in pvp. Pve is currently dmg, it's awakened dmg needs to be buffed to compete with other classes and their awakened skills. 

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PVP wise there is supposed to be a patch this month but knowing ncsoft it will not change anything. Fire FM for example even gets a buff even tho they already can 100 to 0 u in 0.2 sec.


What we need is the removal of third specs in PVP which is currently the biggest issue in this game. If your class dosent have a third spec you are at a huge disadvantage. Here i am talking about 1v1 and 3v3 but it wouldnt hurt in 6v6 either cause we have the same problem there.


PVE wise i dont mind it if one class has more dmg cause it will just result in faster dungeon/raid runs and this is good for everyone. Its still dissatisfieing to see BM for example does twice the dmg you are doing even tho you have more gear.

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+1 on Tufa, not even need to bring the FM absurb survivability without AND with weap proc *roflmao* But Warden is melee and they don't really chase ...


As third spec Des I can tell you with 80-100% dmg reduc you can perfectly die in a few seconds ... Even if you try running away after the first FM tornado hit, it follows you until death sometimes ... Even gunner with their jumps they still die ...


A lot of balance could be achieved, but NcSoft decide to do nothing ...



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if anyone is left in bns by the time the balance finally occurs.

Most of us have moved on to other things. game is way less populated then it use to be.

trick is to just roll kfm/des/bm then stick a pet on ur keyboard so u can insta-afk climb to plat.

zero skill classes hard dominating people that use to enjoy difficult but playable pvp content.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb xtclikeafox:

trick is to just roll kfm/

Whats the deal with all the complains about KFM ? just dont hit 24/7 into their counter or iframes. In 1600+ elo i see alot of people beat KFM without much of a problem cause they are not stupid. Their dmg is also super predictable the only reason you cannot react to kfm dmg is if you get a lag which is happening alot sadly.

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