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Hello Everyone,


I have been gone from BnS for about a year now and I am coming back. I have a main level 60 summoner, hoongmoon level 13. I don't know what I should be doing at this point. I have picked up what I remember which is doing the repeatable quests at Moon Refuge and doing my daily and/or weekly challenges. Is there something else I am missing? I am currently running a Dawnforged staff level 8 and grinding to get the accessories from the merchant in Moon Refuge. Is there something else I should be aware about?

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Grab your free reset token (premium) from f10 and reset the spiders quest.

Trade the powder (4 powders per quest turnin)  + 1 spider box for new box from the spiders daily.  Receive additional buds and a chance for gold tokens to sell to vender.

Use the orbs to buy the random soulplate box.  Try for acc / crit but don't spend to much time on this.

Also, buy your belt / gloves for buds or tokens, forget which.

Learn crafting to make the soulplates to add stats.  (gathering no longer exists, so will take you a few days for level 5 crafting)

Learn crafting for transformation stones,

Get your 6 soulstones from the daily in the soulstone planes.  (don't bother trying to do bosses, bots 24/7 one shot bosses)

Grind buds until your eyes bleed, get the 6 gems for buds.

For buds, you can also buy mats needed to level your weapon.

After you have soulplates and gems, buy exp charms.


Once you are around 1600 ap or so, it's swipe for ncoincs or you are at a wall.  MSP requires 1800ap (for celestial steel), dst and above requires more ap than msp.

Since the patch, gold is the new wall.


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