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Fresh install, can't launch


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Hey everyone,


Played BnS a while ago and wanted to re-install to check it out. Been probably 6-8 months since last time i had it installed.


I got the launcher, installed the game, but after install the play button does not launch the game.

There is just a process "client.exe" but it is stuck, never loads. I never see the anti-cheat program load either. And I am unable to "end process" on the client.exe causing me to have to restart to attempt again.

I've tried removing the old <mydocs>/BnS/ client settings file. I've tried re-installing launcher + game. I've tried re-installing to a new drive.

I've removed start up programs.

I've tried turning off Windows Defender.

32-bit, bns buddy, etc...

I've tried everything from this article: https://appuals.com/blade-soul-launch-issues/


I don't have any bluetooth drivers on this PC, but I have shut the services in Windows off anyways.


Kind of at a loss, very tedious having to restart my PC after each tshoot attempt.


Is there something I'm missing here?


Specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FpkfgJ

Latest Windows 10

Ryzen 7 3700X

x570 Chipset

Nvidia 2070 Super GPU


Everything has the latest drivers.

System is 100% stable on stress tests, memtests, benchmarks, and any other game I play.


I have a feeling that something is happening causing the anti-cheat to not load, but I can't find any useful information and this is my last call for help :)


Anyone have experience with a problem like this?



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OK So I figured this out by chance, thankfully.


My re-install attempt sequence was to uninstall BnS and then NC Launcher. Then install NC Launcher and have it fresh download the game.


How I fixed:

Only re-install the NC Launcher, left game already installed.


When I did this game launched right away with no issues.


Other than the fact I'm only getting 30fps somehow :D but this loading issue is resolved.

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