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PvP equipment from PvE

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Hi all,
I would like to ask why if I want to focus on PvP 6 in 6 so why do I have to do stupid solo dungeons and there is no alternative way, I mean specifically the need to have 2x mao glove.

I would understand the Tower of Infinity and Trial Arena, I know roughly what to expect from each class and it's a de facto PvP training, but this is how the skills of individual classes are constantly changing and learning to know them all is no fun.

So why do I have to learn any more monkeys from the solo dungeon?

It's not enough to completely cough up PvP in this game, but it's still annoying to people who do PvP in this way.

I don't mind standard dungeons, de facto just go EZ and play it on DPS. It is also possible to buy sealed accessories.

Raids can be carried because PvP is a soulstone and moonstone that sell well and there is enough money. In one evening in BG you can make 100-200 moonstone, which is 700-1400G.

This could also be bought de facto, but I would have to borrow an account which is forbidden and I also risk stealing it.

I know you write to me so learn it, but it's a principle. I do PvP and I don't want to learn PvE.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb darthBaal:

I do PvP and I don't want to learn PvE.

Sorry but its not like you are the first to complain about this. They obvisiously dont care about this. If we have luck they keep going the same way as they did with the new glove and bracelet but i doubt it.


1. Accesories need to be farmed through dungeons which need depending on luck between 2 and 270 Runs each.

2. You need alot of PVE Gear. Aransu is not gonna make it ! even if you dont want to play PVE.

3. Keys to open Boxes in PVP are mainly earned trough Daily and Weekly which again is mostly PVE.

4. Scales of any kind are not obtainable through PVP but are needed in high quantitiys in PVP. They cant be bought via F5 either cause the quanitity is not enough.


We talked alot about this here in forum already we want them to seperate booth modes so you are not forced to do PVE or PVP depending on what you like but this is not gonna happen cause KR dosent want this it would mean less F10.

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