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Can we please get an update on these?

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Merchant of Wonder: Remove the VT tier. At this point of the game everyone can find a group to get into VT/SK with ease so getting a rare merchant with mats that large part of the playerbase doesn't need anymore sucks. Divine Grace Stone are fine but everything else should be removed.


Improve the droprate on Skyreach/Mao Gloves: Why was it that the Imperial belt was given a insanely high drop rate buff (I see one every 2-3 runs now) but Skyreach and especially Mao gloves are still rare? At this point it's better to just skip that tier and go right for H0 gloves. I'm not asking for the rate that WC drops (hell I think that one is too high) but anything that is better then what it is now. like by the time you get the tokens to buy your neck you should at lest have gotten two mao gloves, if not close


Remove Nayu Tablets: I don't think these are used for anything anymore so why are they still in the game? takes up spot in my bags which is already pretty limited as it is.


Adding TT items to Moon Refuge/ET to MSP: As stated from above. VT is pretty much almost obsolete at this points so maybe it's time to update the vendors. At lest adding TT to Moon refuge and just giving new players VT soul shields instead of BT's. On that note...


Give new high level players better Soul/Heart/Pet/Talisman: While you've added mystic and easier ways to get soul badges, players are still getting the low rank acc I got when I started playing a year ago and while upgrading them has gotten cheaper I think it's time for a upgrade to the base one you give. That way it's easier for them to get into groups/do solo dungeons.


I am sure there is a lot more that could be talked about but these are the major ones that keep me up at night when I think about new players joining the game.

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