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Need Blade Master Help

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After the recent update my skill bar is backwards. I used to have flicker as lmb and dragontongue as rmb but now in its place is breeze and pierce but now i have to hit tab to get to dragontongue and flicker and can only be on the tab side for 6 seconds, where before i could have limitless dragontongue and flicker and i even tried resetting all settings im honestly very confused by this any advice?

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What level are you and did you do the Hongmoon clan quest?


As far as I know, flicker and dragon tongue are draw stance skills. You need to be in draw stance for them to be used. Draw stance is activated through Tab, Q, and 4, among other skills. This stance is dependent on focus, and as soon as you exit combat mode, you also lose draw stance. Depending on your gear, you can keep draw stance infinitely as long as you don't pause your attack or are not forced into basic stance. But if you don't have gear that restores your focus, you will eventually find yourself empty and back into basic stance. Fortunately, even the basic fresh from story gear gives massive focus recovery so after struggling with focus while leveling, you will have a near infinite amount of it by the time you are doing end game.

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