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Warrior Token after todays patch

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Hello. since I have a good sum of warrior tokens left on my characters I have to ask this.


The patchnotes mention that Warrior Token are going to be replaced by martial tokens.


But what does that mean, they are exchanged 1 to 1 or is the MISTAKE made again to just as with the introduction of lesser demon spirit stones that they just disappear

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20 minutes ago, Gman said:

It is not mentioned that you can still use them after the patch.

It it not mentioned you cannot either. It only mentions that one single quest so its safe to assume you cans till use them afterwards.

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2 hours ago, EasleyRR said:

I have to agree with this guy, Grimoir.

The note says exactly it's only the one from quest of 7th floor.

Sadly yeah i know ....but still, jsut double checked and warrior tokens are still usable in the merchant as they were before.

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