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Premium Transformation Stone... Crystal?

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Hey all!


So, I'm sure we've all seen the new update notes:


One thing that caught my attention is that they're mentioning a "Premium Transformation Stone Crystal" as well as a non-premium version.


I don't know about any of you, but... this kind of has me intrigued. Is this a new item they're adding... perhaps an untradeable version of the stones in the same vein as the upgradeable materials (IE: Soulstone to Soulstone Crystal)? Maybe it's just a mistake in the article, but still... boy, if this is an account-bound material that's cheaper and easier to obtain than what we currently have? Sign me up!


But perhaps that's just me. What do you all think?

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I guess its this Armory Premium Transformation stone which is already in the game since an event in January?

Maybe now they are not only an event currency anymore and transform out of normal Premium Transformation Stones and/ or transmutable.


Am 15.5.2020 um 09:04 schrieb Gman:

the PTS crystals are going to be for TT and lower item upgrades.

Would also assume that this is 100% correct

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9 minutes ago, Hyperion0 said:

I hoped the Armory transformation stone like system would be over, but it continue with crystal now.

No. You are completely missunderstanding. The new crystals will permanently replace the transformation stone and premium transformation stones in all weapon upgrades until Grand celestial 6 and equivalent of non-raid path. This means you have cheaper upgrades without any rng to make premium stones. This isnt an event this is a permanent change.

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