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Zen Archer Build Weapon/Soulshields/Accessories/Talents

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Hey Guys! 


I tried to look for answers for all these questions but I did not have so much luck and I think this will be useful information for everyone. If there is anyone that can help me out please leave a comment :HajoonHappy:


1. Which weapon path is better for Archer? 



I did understand that the Raven path is best but it is more hard to get and upgrade it. 


2. Which souldshield set is better? 


3. Which accessories path is better?


4. I did understand that the ligh is for PVE and wind is for PVP but wanted to know which talents are good to have on each build? 


Right now I just reached lvl 60 hm 13 and I don t know exactly what to do from here and I do need so guidance any help is appreciated! 


Thanks :PoharanHappy:

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Let's start with the "Light vs Wind" discussion. I'll sum it up for you.


Light Archers do indeed deal more overall damage than Wind... roughly 20%. However, they are more ping-reliant and to deal much of that damage, you should be in melee range. Ya... a ranged class being in melee. Wind Archers are still pretty strong overall, but aren't as ping reliant and you can play anywhere in your range and still be effective. They're also very mobile and a lot of people I've talk to seem to enjoy their playstyle more. As to which you should play... the answer should always be:



With that out of the way...



If you're new to the game and don't have reliable ways to upgrade your equipment, the PvE path is generally less expensive. That's the Dawnforged/Riftwalk path. To decide on which of the weapons in there to choose, look at the path you chose and it's skills, then look at the weapons. They tend to boost certain skills. Just pick the weapon that boosts the skills your path would want more. Now, if you're capable of doing Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium and beyond relatively often, then you can go down the raid path (Raven, Aransu and above). It will be a bit more expensive and requires you to do those raids at points to gain the upgrade materials reliably. Still, to be frank, those are the better weapons to use for an Archer.

So, to sum it up, Raven is the better option overall, but it will cost more.


Soul Shield

Get the better one. Obviously. Start with Raven, then get Aransu and after that, either get Grand Celestial or save up for Thornbreaker. Each one will require the proper materials (Raven Feathers, Hive Queen Wings, etc) and you'll want to gain ones with Critical on them for best results. You may also want to look into Soul Shield Primers to boost their stats further... but I'm not going into detail on that one. Google that nonsense if you need to.



Like above - get the better one. For the most part, accessories gained from raids tend to be stronger than ones you can get elsewhere. Gain the ring and earring from Skybreak Spire, then the necklace from Temple of Eluvium. Eventually, you'll gain better accessories from higher level raids. As for the other accessories, you can get a bracelet, glove and a belt from Moon Bud farming in Moon Refuge. They'll get you started until you go looking for bigger and better things. Just remember that when choosing what accessory (if they give you a box with two choices) to hover over them, compare to your skills/path and choose accordingly. Accessories from raids often cater to one path or the other... so watch for that.



For everything else... Google or Youtube it.

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About light vs. wind: depends what is easier for You :) Since i learned wind rotation i can give much more dps than on light, but i played light maybe for 4 days vs 4 months on wind. Wind is much more easier for me, but IMO its glass cannon, 1 block (0.5s), 1 stun, 1 KD, vs many skills on light. Light can also give fine dps, if you learn it.

I have problem with soul badges, theres not much info in google aboud soul badges and effects. :/ in all trees theres no archers ;/

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