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Game is Crashing/Connection Issues


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I need help. Please. I've been trying to figure out a way to fix this for literally 4 hours now but nothing that i tried so far is working.
When I'm into the game for a few minutes (maybe around 20-30, didn't time it tbh) the game shows me the following error message and closes. Then I have a to wait around 5 minutes before I can restart the game.


I've already researched via google etc. and there actually are lots of posts about these errors (at least the first two) most of them where around 2016/2017. I've tried anything that I could find in them such as:

1. Reinstalling the whole Game.
2. deactivating my VPN
3. Enabling this UPnP thingy
4. Setting the grafic lower/optimize it via Nvidia Geforce Experience program
5. Restarting my FritzBox Router
6. Checking my Drivers (wich are all on the newest version possible atm)


The weirdest about this whole situation is that I've actually played this game for a bit in september/oktober last year and didn't have ANY problems.
The only things that changed since than is that I finally got a SSD-Card and a new Processor (Ryzen 5 3600 6 core something) my graphic card is still shitty (Nvidia Geforce GTX 760) but I've been playing with this thing last year soooo... I honestly don't know what to do.


Idk if it's prossible that it's my antivirus program since I've been using it for years now (Avast premium) and never had any problems with it playing other games.


Does anyone have an Idea or even a solution for me? :c


Edit: I don't have any ping issues or problems with lag. Also my network is working on other games like Elsword and Black Desert without problems.


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Never compare to other games. they have different servers / network / ISP's.

The way i see it there could be 2 things:


1. You Antivirus is interferring with the connection (you can try and add the game / folder to exsceptions in the antivirus)

2. Your connection to the server is unstable.


You mention using a VPN, so the same happens with and without the VPN? Are you using an actual VPN or just a ping booster program like wtfast or exitlag?

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Thank you for answering.

If i want to add the game as an exception in the antivirus programm do I just need to add the NCSOFT Folder?

The VPN I'm using is via Windows 10 System Configurations I don't use any ping booster program. Not using any kind of weird program in the background...

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12 hours ago, Engelchen said:

I deinstalled Avast and tried playing with Avira instead, got the same errors again. :c

Since i generally am not a fan of VPN itself, the only thing i can suggest is try using either wtfast or exitlag or pingzapper, just to test if you will still have the same issue. Those come with a free trial so you dont need to spend money on it.


If you use them and you will not be having the issue, it means the problem is the way your ISP is routing your connection to the server, since even if you use a VPN it still can be an issue.

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If the disconnection happens at the same times, that would suggest your IP address is refreshed after every X amount of minutes. You should look at the settings of your router which you can do by typing the routers IP address into your web browser(same way you would go to youtube but just the IP address) and then logging in with the admin account and look at the settings of how often does your IP address expire. You should have the information about that account password with your papers that came with the router.


Usually an IP address expires after 24 hours which never really causes issues but if that setting for whatever reason is not 24 hours and lower then issues like what you have can happen. In BnS if any kind of static information changes in your connection, IP address for example, it forces a disconnection.

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