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Locksmith's Bundle

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1 hour ago, Chronix said:

Its actually 9 aswell, i just dont have the stats to do those 3 highest dungeons.

you get all you need from the event chests, to finish the rest of them.

I can understand that key 11 and 12 are a problem to get for a lot of people , but you get more than enough orbs to buy them if you farm them.

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There will also be a Stage 7-->Stage 12 bundle called "Master Locksmith's Bundle". They will probably release it sometime this week or at next reset after the event is actually done but you can still open the chests.


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vor 22 Minuten schrieb NunoGralha:

Tbh i want em to either gives us another Call of arms bundle or let us buy it... I got it on the wrong character and i couldnt move on after that..

Problem is probably the materials you get from the box aswell. Otherwise i am sure they wouldnt have limit it to 1 per account but you get thousands of sacred orbs and elysians and theese alone are probably like 10K Gold if you buy them off F5.


I`d like to see such a box again but without mats for as much chars as you can upgrade in the time period cause the gear you get in thoose boxes is pleb gear anyway since every pleb will have it now anyway it dosent matter if i have 10 chars with this stuff or 1 char most people will not upgrade the gear of their alts anyway.

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