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Lower the cost of opening Lucky Guild Box.

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You get these sometimes when crafting. It currently costs 100 sacred orbs to open these. You are going to pay over 2.5 gold per orb if you get them from the market place. That's over 250 gold to open this. It may of made sense back before the updates that turned dungeon drops into crystals. But as it is right now it's an insanely bad item.

The box will give you 10 gold. 2 Hongmoon Gem powder and a chance at a pet pod.

The powder runs for about 19 gold.

The pet pod is going to be about 210 gold.


So if you don't get the pet pod you gain 48 gold value at the cost of 250. If you get the pet pod you gain 258 gold value at the cost of 250 gold. So yeah the box is basically lose over 200 gold most of the time. Gain about 8 gold some of the time.

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Why would you open it with sacred orbs when you can open it with soulstones?? Or did they remove that option recently? Unless someone crafts alot they can just be opened with the excess of soulstone crystals you get, i opened quite alot by now and they essentially cost me nothing.

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8 hours ago, ElectricPotato said:

opening with sacred orbs gives you x2 the listed items per box.

Hm, indeed, how strange.

I just opened 5 boxes and got 5 pet pots out of them, the chance seem to be pretty high.

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