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Transmution of Pet Packs

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Hello there, 


recently a guildmate told me i can craft pet packs with Bloodstones. So i calculated how much profit thats would give me and i came to the conclusion i earn around 60 - 70 Gold with each pet pack since i still need Moonstones etc. 


Now i calculated how much 12 Bloodstones are actully worth which is 18.000 Zen beans for 18.000 Zen beans you could buy 15 Soul stone boxes which are 585 - 1035 Soul stones thoose soul stones currently earn you atleast 848,25 - 1500,75 Gold so in conclusion you lose up to 1430,75 Gold each time you create a pet pack that way. 


I understand you are not supposed to be able to earn the same money as you would earn if you have keys to open boxes but this is a bit much can we please change the cost of pet pack ? 


Instead of 12 Bloodstones i think 12 Bloodstone Fragments are appropriate thats still 2.250 Zen beans and still much more expensive than just getting soul stones. 


P.S i know Moderators will read this and ignore this just like every post so please stop writing comments like "nothing gonna happen etc." i know nothing is gonna happen. 

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