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how/where to get the Aransu Reset item

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today i wanted to do some raids before i do the weekly challenges to get some gold after upgrading my accessories 


so i started with SK and VT first


after i found a team to apply to and windstrided to the SK we all were ready and went inside the portal but my internet went off that moment and came back after a long while...like long enough so my team did the raid without me and when i came back to the game i found my self not in the party anymore checked the dungeon/Raid list Ctrl+J i found the SK was locked for me and can't go inside the portal only if i used the Aransu reset item to reset the Raid once again


now i don't know how to get this Aransu reset item and in the same time i dont want to ignor this raid cus this happened to me last week and i dont want to lose it twice...i find many ppl who WTS the aransu reset but it is so expensive for me and i want 5 of it to reset 


any ideas how to or where to get the Aransu reset ?

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