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Suggestion: Premium gift goes in mail

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I will explain what happened to me yesterday to introduce my problem:


Someone I don't known and without tell me anythings, gave to me a free premium (1nc).

I hadn't any premium active at this moment and it immediately activated. No prompt, no messages. I was surprised and confused.

After I asked for information about that in faction chat, the giver shown up.

He gave many premium to anyone he crossed and had 300 of them ready.


Cool for people who can't offer 1nc but that's not my case, in fact I planned to active my 1nc premium the 7th.
I am currently at work, unable to play for long, and my characters haven't gold for upgrade there gear.

And of course I can't get another 1nc premium. We can have only one, doesn't matter if we bought it or got it from gift.


It not match to my planning at all, that's why I made a ticket for be able to cancel and recover the possibility to get the 1nc premium (even if I doubt it will succeed).


My suggestion: is to instead to active immediately after receive the premium gift, an item looking like the ticket premium, go in mail with the possibility to open it when we want.
Of course with an expiration date for event like current.


Thanks you. 


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