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Dailys are wrong

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ive waited for some days now cause i thought you would fix this since its so obvious. 


Sadly Korean devs dont know they`ve removed the ability to play Tag match on thursday, tuesday etc. but the current daily challenge includes tag match. Guess when tag match is in the daily challenge ? Exactly only at days you cant play this gamemode in the first place. 


So my request is: Either remove tag team daily from dailys, make tag team avaible at the days you have it as daily or change it to 1v1 daily since you can play 1v1 everyday. 


Once more this shows Korean devs create patches for KR and do not even look at what they patched into EU/NA themselve. You guys even said the whole idea of PVP time restriction came from KR and now this ? Sorry i am always so anti NCsoft i am just so disappointed in NCsoft cause of things like this. It obvious they dont care about EU/NA.

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