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Suggestions from KR

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Okie so sometimes i often go and take a peak at KR server and see what changes and how stuff is working over there and... what ive noticed... is that we seem to take the WORST ideas from them and NONE of the good ideas that they have available in THERE SERVER!  SO im here to list some of those "nice" little details that NA has neglected to give us...


Now im going off of info that i gathered for a little while ago (think it was back when archer first released over there).


1. Clothing merchants offered any and all dungeon outfits and acc from whatever specific location those outfits where in... just basically clothing merchants had all the dungeons outfits even the new dungeons (kind of remotely similar to the achievement merchant with WAY more of a selection and the prices for the outfits WAS FAIR)

-There prices where 1 Fabric and 25-75 Silver (and locked by achievements of course)


2. Drop Rates for old dungeons (Such as Poh and Blood Shark has increased...) (This also includes all the dungeons that NO LONGER have Hardmodes)

  • example - Blood shark Harbors Cobalt Window Hair dropped twice in about 5 runs (Now some of you might say.. well there old dungeons and most of this stuff is in achievement shop... Ill have you know... id rather not spend 100g to get this hair when I can FARM IT)
  • The Red and Black EVENT Poh hair ALSO dropped from Poharan Dungeon.
  • Outfit voucher that drops from Poh is also used to obtain the RED PIRATE PRINCESS outfit that we NEVER saw on NA (which i badly wanted) and no i don't care if its a recolor... no one else seems to care when NC releases recolors of other outfits so let me have this!


3. No more "Dragon Pouch Bags" for inventory space.... they now all spaces unlock using Silver and gold. 


4. F3 is another way to purchase outfits you don't own with a different kind of currency....

  • Purchase Dungeon outfits and all there acc. (i guess if you didn't feel like farming them on alts??)
  • New outfits that are recently released wouldn't be available to purchase in this tab until much later.
  • This would ultimately solve our outfit deli ma.
  • Personally I like this the most because id rather just flat out buy an outfit rather then have to RNG my way to get ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ but thats just me. 


5. They sell weapon skins in F10.... Like past trove weapon skins (Now this also makes me wonder why don't we sell illusion weapon bundles anymore? like what ever happened to that?)


6. They have way better log in rewards and Online timed rewards.... (They actually still put outfits in these C: ) So why haven't i seen an outfit in the past stamps? 

There are plenty of ideas here, id just like more ways to obtain outfits and weapon skins other then these stupid RNG ways....OTHER THEN TROVE.... Like hello? Start using GOOD ideas from KR and NOT the bad ones.....please

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I also would like the option to, if and when we obtain an outfit on one character, to be able to unlock that outfit for all characters throughout the account, even if we need to pay ncoin I think it'd be worth it. It doesn't have to apply to all outfits, but with some from shop or some rare chests, this would be a great.


Some games have an account wide outfit unlock and this is a really cool thing to have. It could even apply to some weapons as well. And honestly I don't see the problem for NC because this way they'd get people to buy ncoin, whereas before no. 

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Becouse THEY dont like Possitive emotions just anger and hatery "

" after its BULSHIT with 1 stone to get in entire year gold cash flow, they already done now just harvest as much as possible, today you CANT get max char with 20k EU they insane, but you can buy new car for it...

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