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when it starts 3x Battle Points Bonus event ?

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3X?! what asht they made in PVP... I all time getting just 362, and still THEY NEED MORE. "what bonus I will get" KICK IN YOUR BUT


well... its your time to GET IT... we all have same 24 hours daily where to use it...? u to get 3X bonus in TOP 3 guild, my achievements in last half year 1.5k VR games, 550 3D movies, 100 360 wallpapers-pictures 10kX5K piksels, 200 360 short videos, 300 360 music songs, and some extra what I wount gonna tell u... ;) well enjoy your sty... I still don't have VR set... cha cha cha

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So it looks like the "x3" battle points is as follows:


you get your base, thats 100%, or x1

and then they've juiced battle frenzy bonus up to 200%, or x2


so altogether, you're getting x3 battle points/beans.


rank bonus (50%/100%/++ for silver/gold/++)

old battle frenzy bonus (25% arena/50% 6v6)

premium bonus: 30%

Clan vs Clan bonus: varies from clan to clan, or 0


So you had anywhere from +55%- +280% already to your base 100%.  The bronze, no clan no premium guy was getting 125% total previous arena, 150% 6v6, now gets 300%.  The premium silver guy goes from 205 arena/230 6's, to  380% arena/380% 6's.  Its definitely more than you were getting before.

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A unfortunate aspect of this kind of bonus implementation, if your match queues near the end of the play period, and goes outside the play period by even a couple minutes, since frenzy is ended, there is no frenzy bonus on that match.


@Cyan Could 1v1 and 6's frenzy bonus period be extended for 30minutes (while the play period remains the same) to cover this special case?

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