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Auto Farming - I love it, now give it to moon refuge. and something to look into.

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when i heard about auto farming i was like naaa, game will be too bot like but, now that i experience it first hand i really gotta say , its a real good system for this game in particular, i dont want to see it in dungeons, never..



but moon refuge for one is a good place to start, not considering the spider zone , but every where else on that mr map , zombie area and the others, as moon refuge is a static daily can get really boring at times doing it ,worst when u have more than one characters,...



so am asking if they can send this to hq , that we want this feature for moon refuge, i really thought it would come out bad until i see my character bbing, activating bracelet,ultimating and using up them approach skills, cant say for every class , and i am a fire kfm, thats best to use in auto mode as its sustain damage and more aoe.


anyways yea i need this ingame for people like me.... who dont havetime or  enjoy pve content much, i mean it even pick up loot... and add a auto collect quest to it and refresh quest feature.

idk about some peeps but i dont know how i would keep up with this event if this feature wasnt in game ..yea it has some moment where character walk a mile and stand still but its all about positioning your self in the center of mobs to stay put .


just by watching 2-3 episode of anime i got my self 200 or more ebon token thingies....


but i dont wanna see this feature anywhere but mr ....


may add them to certain open world side quest but idk man , i never dothose  to know what to do and how much mob to kill and where but yea good system, i dont care what others think of it .works for me







other thoughts


The daily quest tag match win is not in line with the day tag match is available.... 


i think you guys should open tag match for 1 hour every 3 hours . on mon wed fri  after mid day hours .....

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Auto farming is cancer, go play an idle game on your phone if you dont want to play your game.

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Sure they will add auto-hunting to Moon Refuge but make adjustments to quests:

- Bummer's dream will require 50 bags and drop chance will be lowered to 5%

- Zavnar's zeal will require 200 kills.


I am sure there is something like this in their design documents: 'f2p player should be forced to farm at least 7 hours per day so they can feel suffering and buy gear from F10'.

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Well I think that auto farming feature isn't bad at all, somehow it discourages people to programm their own bots for this :D

BUT you should never ever be able to farm as fast as an active player. So if you activly play on the map, you should be able to farm the same amount of goodies in 1/3 or 1/4 of the afk-farming-time.

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