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Feedback as someone who has returned

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Reads email,

Oh cool Grand Celestial

(Already have Aransu 3 with all 8 slots)

That ticket, make it into an upgrade material and use it to auto upgrade your current weapon to GC all complaints resolved with just a little, A Little bit of thought towards your players.

Rolls chest GC with 3 slots, well I'm done it was a fun 5 minutes good job putting the least amount of effort into this, it shows.

I also checked the vendors in the hopes, in the hopes!! I could reroll just wanted to give this game a second chance, nope.

Legendary gem hammers still at a crazy price point sigh...


Yep I'm complaining, I won't reply to any comments I've already given up on BnS it just seemed interesting for a moment...sigh so exhausting.

Just going to youtube the rest of the story when it comes out.

Time to ghost the heck on out here.

Good luck with this fellow masochists.



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Tips for anyone who got a 3-slot weapon:


  1. Use the given materials to upgrade it to stage 3, each upgrade has a chance to open a gem slot.
  2. Join Radiant Ring Crafting Guild
  3. Send any Ore from other characters to your character with the weapon
  4. Place an order for Special Ore
  5. If you have any Ore on hand, Order the maximum amount of Guild Supply boxes
  6. Max out your Radiant Ring Guild level
  7. At max guild level you can order account bound legendary gem hammers

My character had 4 slots after upgrading to stage 3 so I don't know the legendary gem hammer requirements for slot 4 but:


Slot 5 = 15 legendary gem hammers

Slot 6 = 21 legendary gem hammers

Slot 7 = 22 legendary gem hammers

Slot 8 = 22 legendary gem hammers


Crafting legendary gem hammers in Radiant Ring:

9 Hammers - cost: 94 Special Ore, 31 Rare Element, 48 Soulstone Crystal, 12 Moonstone Crystal, 48 Sacred Crystal, 12 Elysian Crystal, 3 Gold

21 Hammers - cost: 220 Special Ore, 72 Rare Element, 112 Soulstone Crystal, 28 Moonstone Crystal, 112 Sacred Crystal, 28 Elysian Crystal, 7 Gold


This is the most cost effective way to get legendary gem hammers if you're unlucky on slots.


I do have a slight warning for impatient folks: If you have no Ore to start with it will take awhile to get the necessary amount of Ore to not only craft the Guild Supply boxes to max out your Guild Level but also to craft the hammers themselves. 


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Posted (edited)

I also had 3 slots when i opened mine but soon after getting stage 3 i had 7 slots open so try to upgrade first. Meanwhile stick to your aransu weapon with all gem slots until you can upgrade the new weapon to hopefully get more slots otherwise you can decide to leave this game. 

Edited by Dezra

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