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Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

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28 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

Did you open all 12 boxes? it states thats the amount you will have after opening all 12 boxes not after the first box.

I just checked in game all the armory boxes and none of they gives legendary jewels, just see it for yourself in game at the dragon express.

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On 3/25/2020 at 10:47 PM, Cyan said:

We're reaching out to the development team for verification. 


Thank you.

@Cyan Any news about this? Opened 6/12 Armory Chests so far and 0 Jewels and there are 0 Jewels in the tooltips of the 7-12 Armoy Chests too. Hopefully they won't just get added into the chests after and people miss out cause they have opened them already, just notifying to make sure that doesn't happen since I really need these Jewels right now. Maybe add some vendor that opens up the more chest you've opened already or just mail them out. I could buy them myself but then I would just be annoyed getting 130 extra that I would have no use for at that point :HajoonConfused:

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