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Miggy Miggs

Am gonna shoot my shot!!! (Dyad Gems)

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k so since we getting alot of pay 2 win stuff in f10....can yall throw a dyad square gem in todays special :) so some of us can actually have 1...never saw or held a dyad gem before ...



dont come for me yall, just saying ..if yall can sell leg unity stone a dyad gem would be the least.

cause right now seem like people miles away from obtaining a dyad anything.....and the trove rng lucks are so bad .


you guys need to cut down on the pay 2 win for real tho , but cant  win anything with sqaure gem and giving us 1 wont break the game...



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Got one dyad square from 10 lootboxes.


But if we talk about p2w, then sell gilded triangle obsidian and garnet. Its a pain to get them.

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