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Are Side Quests (Blue Quests) mandatory?

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Hi all,


its been awhile since I played BnS and I always have this question lingering in my mind.  Are the side quests (blue quests) mandatory as in mandatory as the prerequisite to be completed for a certain yellow / orange quest to appear?


if so, can anybody let me know which blue quests that you need to do?






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Side quests are, by definition, not mandatory.


All yellow quests are self-contained, just follow the markers


Some weekly and raid dungeons are locked behind pre-req orange quests, but blue ones can be totally ignored

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There are 5 colours of quest denoting 5 different quest types:


YELLOW > Main storyline quests. Do these to progress, gain new equipment and the majority of your experience.

BLUE > Side-quests. Not required to do at all, can be little diversions to do alongside the main questline.

PURPLE > Skill quests. These will either teach you the basics of your class early on, then be used to teach/unlock new windwalking skills later on. Do these whenever possible!

ORANGE > Raid questlines. These are side-stories that unlock weekly raids, such as Skybreak Spire, Temple of Elyuvium, etc. Some also give useful items, like hearts and talismans.

RED > Player VS Player questlines. Commonly these are for factions. If you don't care about factions or PvP, you can skip it entirely.


The three main questlines to look out for are Yellow, Purple and eventually Orange. You CAN do Blue quests if you want to (as they often flesh out the main story a little bit), but they are not necessary almost at all. Some blue quests open up optional areas or certain dungeons for Daily Challenge, however. And last, Red quests... if you're not doing faction PvP, they're completely unnecessary.

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