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I wanna create a tournament if enough participants

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Hi there European Players:


since nothing happened in here for several months and outside of some guild intern tournaments there is no such thing anymore i thought i could try to start one if enough players would like to participate.


Here are the rules:


Starting time: 4th April 19:00 CET

Tag Team: Randoomly Choosen (So 3 top 5 players cant just destroy everybody)

1v1: Each Teammemeber needs to fight another one of the enemy team solo.

Prices: 1st 50% of whole Donations, 2nd 30% of whole Donations, 3rd 20% of whole Donation


So ive planned we start with a 1v1 each member needs to participate once so we have 3 times 1v1 and once tag team. 1v1 gives 1 point 3v3 gives 3 points.


If you want to be part of this event or Donate to the price pool join this Discord server: https://discord.gg/XPwGr6e

I will edit this Server later have no time for it right now.


Price of this tournament comes from Donations. Personally i will farm some Gold for it now but there is no need for anyone to donate just cause you want to participate.



Changing class mid tournament is not allowed.

We need atleast 12 Participants or it needs to be a 1v1 tournament.


Thx in advance and you are free to help with organizing or giving me advice as to how to manage it since this is my first time.

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