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a desperate cry for help... "warning total newb is this post's creator"

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oi, ppl mind tossing me few hints? I started the game and was not too bothered with class selection, thus picking whatever looked cool and sound like healer. And so I did choose warlock. After realising this game is a "Soul caliber in disguise", I looked for combos or as my friend refers to them rotations. Most warlocks guides however refer to some old skills I have no access to after some patch before I even found out about this game. So, might high level warlocks, if you out there can you share some common rotations or combos or whatever, to help me fight without paying attention to cooldowns? I mean, ofc stuff like vampirism > dim volley > quell > repulse > thether blade > spam all of ur 1 & 2 & 3 and backstep into bastion helps but it really doesn't work against stronger guys. Also if you might forgive me, for not having this in another topic, what items can grant concentration boost?

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