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We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

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7 hours ago, ImoutoMaster said:

Looking at the balancing of their classes i dont think this is a secret anymore. Everytime a third spec or new class comes its op af and it stays like this. Awakening needs alot of changes already but then they gave us third specs and every single third spec is op af. I am not 100% sure about assasin yet thou it dosent feel that strong to me.

Yes, it's strong af.

I see many Sins holding 8mi+ dps during raids... Not to mention their burst in short fights....


That @kiroasw looks like someone from staff trying to whiteknight their own company... 1 post? really?

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I have already gotten rid of my sub, just not worth playing past the main story.


The days of being able to upgrade your soulshields with drops rather than some token farming to get items to upgrade from. 


The story is getting repeatative and we don't have any end in sight.


Best example of whats wrong with this game is loot boxes, which is almost to the scale of SWL at this point.

Farming a token to turn into another token which takes for ever to farm for a Mystic/Legendary badges is by far one of the biggest reasons the player base isn't sustainable overalli.

And lastly a absolutely horrible gear progression system just burns people out easily.


Cash shop should of stuck to slice of life and costumes.

But this is just my opinion.

Time for me to go back to my subscription based games where there is no gear gating where i dun have to spend months just trying to upgrade one piece of gear.

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