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Anyone else's skills suddenly stop working while doing dungeons??


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It happened to me twice now, once before reset, and once after reset. Two other friends of mine (one before and after) also experienced their skills suddenly getting greyed out and not even being able to move. No one uses anything like bns buddy either. Has only happened while doing dungeons so far. 


Does anyone else have this issue?












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I've actually had that happen to me when I was duo'ing SK with a friend of mine on my BD.

After killing the phase adds, the boss ends up using the cross aoe skill and I couldn't press anything at all because all of my skills were grayed out and I didn't even get cc'd, pulled or anything. Me and my friend ended up dying because of that and he confirmed that he couldn't use any skills as well at that instance.


I couldn't even use my bubble because of that, so I can confirm this happens in raids too.

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