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Most people considering returning for UE4 think..

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Alright, so I'm just going to share some opinions that me and my friends all agree on and I realize people who actively play this game right now might disagree with it.


We all came up with similar points. Firstly, that we wouldn't even consider returning to the game without a "Frontier World" type server and that it would also be REALLY NICE if the progression was some how improved because part of the reason we left in the first place was due to being forced to aimlessly do things over and over again endlessly,, dailies and what not. Don't get me wrong, I realize that people are worried that a fresh server would hurt the "Live Worlds" but honestly, with the amount of people that would definitely come back I highly doubt it.


And yes, all of this is assuming that the game has been optimized in some way which hopefully is the case because that's another big one.


Basically what it comes down to is if you want to revitalize the game or not. There are many of us out there that would love to jump back in but we're going to need a reason to do so and a face lift isn't going to be enough of a reason for most of us.


Cheers <3



( P.S nobody has ever enjoyed your loot boxes so stop advertising them as "something we're all looking forward to".. )




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2 hours ago, Noface007 said:

UE4 won't revitalize anything, people will come back and ohhh and ahhh for a week, realize it's the same trash grind and leave again. Same thing happened with Black Desert with their graphics update. 

My point exactly, which is why I'm saying "Frontier Server" is a must and possibly a progression overhaul as well.. ( which if I'm not mistaken, Korea did get but I could be wrong ) and the optimization issues would have to be addressed.


The whole point of my post is that I heard that Korea got these things and that the NA server was only getting the visual update essentially.. It's hard to know really because you know, we're not usually in the loop about anything until right before release. 


If that is the case though, this is massively over hyped haha




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