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Hongsil's Treasure Draw Guide


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How It Works

Hongsil's Treasure Draw will be available for 30 minutes at the start of every hour. The opening, time, and duration may be adjusted during the event period.


You’ll find the Treasure Draw icon on the bottom of your screen where your mail and other icons are. Clicking this icon will bring up the Hongsil’s Treasure Draw screen.




The main Treasure Draw screen will present you with 100 squares. Enter the draw using up to 10 Hongsil’s Treasure Keys. You will be randomly assigned one spot on the board and a random number per key you use. Every two minutes, or when 100 keys have been used across the entire server, the draw is completed. Each number on the board will automatically be assigned a random rank, and the rank determines how many Hongsil’s Treasure Coins will receive. If you get ranks 1, 2, or 3 then you’ll get the Overloaded Treasure Draw Cache, Loaded Treasure Draw Cache, and the Treasure Draw Cache respectively. Each of these Caches contain Hongsil’s Treasure Coins as well as bonus items. There are two extra ways to earn bonus Coins. One number from the draw will be selected as Hongsil’s Choice and a bonus amount of Coins will be given to the person that had that number. Also, a row or column will be randomly selected (and highlighted in purple). If your number happens to fall on this purple line you will receive additional bonus Coins.


Everyone who participates in the Treasure Draw will receive something!




In addition to earning Hongsil’s Treasure Coins, you’ll be able to get guaranteed Bonus Rewards! These Bonus Rewards are available to you based on how many Hongsil’s Treasure Keys you use during the span of the event. The rewards go up to 800 keys used but won’t reset if you use more than that. Check out the full list of rewards in-game!

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