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[Dreamcloud] A casual clan looking for new friends.

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Greetings travelers,

We welcome you to the Dreamcloud.


Who are we?

We’re a relatively new clan, made up of strangers from all over.
We just enjoy playing the game casually and helping each other out where we can.

If you’re looking for a casual clan. Looking for people to help (you). Or even looking for people to run dungeons with, you might feel at home here.

Our goal is to just enjoy the game together and help each other out. All are welcome in our clan.


Requirements to join:

  • Must understand and write English
  • Must be above 18 (due to the mature nature of the chat)

Not Required:

  • We DON’T require you to use discord, or any voice chat for that matter.
  • We DON’T require you to contribute anything to the clan. Just enjoy your time and take things slow.
  • We DON’T require you to be active, we understand that people have lives. Just play the game how you want to play.

What we can offer:

  • A friendly environment of people just playing the game casually.
  • Help for new, old and returning players that might need it.
  • A casual environment without pressure of competing against others.

Other things of note:

  • We’re still relatively new and growing.
    That said, we’re not a PVP oriented clan, we mostly focus on PVE, Dungeons and random banter.
  • Some of us enjoy Role Playing, we’re not an RP clan however, but if you enjoy that sort of thing,
    you can always give us a shot as well. (Or avoid us entirely if you despise them)
  • We're an Crimson Legion clan, this means that if you wish to join, you'll have to be part of the Crimson Legion in order to do so.
  • We're currently tier 4, working towards tier 5.
  • We currently have 54 members, with about 8 to 16 of them usually being active at any given time.
  • Our discord invite link is: https://discord.gg/BfPyjrw (our discord is open to non-members, but this may change if abused)


If you’re interested, and looking to make some new friends, or a place to call home, either give me a poke on here, or in-game.

Either send a message to “Arthia Belmore” or “Alice Belmore” for an invite.

Additionally, in case you don't get a response from me in-game or on the forums, please join the discord. I may be busy and unable to respond in-game.

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updated some information
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On 2/24/2020 at 10:22 PM, Coletergeist said:

Hello! I'm interested.  I may be in game later on today, but I'll be sending an invite.




I've been looking for just some simple players just wanting to have fun in this game. Seems I've found mah peoples. 

Future reference (cause I think you already found a clan) if you include your character name, we can send invites even when you're not online :victory:

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Started a new character after a 3 year hiatus. Looking for some casual players to hang out with and do dungeons or chat with.


Character name Dagnet Thumper


I also have some other characters: Zane, Levi Amon and Felix Amon

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  • 2 weeks later...

Apologies to the people who have applied while I was away, I've been in the middle of exam season at university for the past few weeks and things were hectic to say the least.

I've updated the main post to add the officers who are able to accept members as well in my absence.

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