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when u counter, and you do the other counter skill party decoy or something  your char does the animation but no resist goes off, and your character doesn't say the word "leech" or what ever he usually says ...i notice this when i get cced while doing it i notice this alot of time ...i was fighting an archer too ....i wasnt in bg ..where a weapon reset would reset skill but not universal was arena....



this one i notice in nova  yesterday  night ....i was in bg i was in stealth and did the ultimate skill with dashes on sin ...and got away from the enemy but when i came out stealth i still have stealth skills showing up  as if i was invisible but was out of stealth...i was like omg whaaat..

i wanted to take a fast screen shot but they caught up to me and killed me ...could be a 1 time bug tho



this bug idk if its me or simple mode or what not but... when ever i hit xx twice to stealth, only works sometime, i dont move when doing it  either idk..



my feedback


going into 2020 with an event  80 percent of the game's population wont benefit from, when it first came it was bugged too, and even after claimed fix, people still bumping their heads as we speak yea, yea people could invite you in and make it way more crowded .....the fps in that place is horrible, its a copy paste map, which is certain clans claim dips on half of it ...farming gold and breaking the gold market in this game .... i thought for sure something would be done about it mt day went to check the mt post nothing but the regular mt ...idk even know if anything has been done cause i didn't go back in that laggy place. whale exclusive event ..idk y yall ask for feedback if yall gonna throw them in a box and put aside....problem is with the patching of this game is no one actually  wonder what would happen if certain things got implemented ingame ...yall just throw it in ...when the backlash comes band aid fix and if not fix ...just stay quiet...and let it die down.



am looking at the fact that unreal engine as you guy stated coming a year from now are so ....or may be not just saying .....due to the way the patch are being handle now, and its some simple things too, people ingame can spot a problem with a patch before it even comes out without even experiencing the patch  .... than the people who actually have the patch messing around with.... item cost etc....


unreal engine buzz is causing people to talk about the game and yall acting like this, doesnt look good at all.can we have 1 decent patch please, like i cant tell when last that was .


next patch its gonna be alot bugs, and something else for people to complain about ....

its always the same , no producer letter as yet also ...we are still waiting cause i wanna know whats going on cause something is def up.


all now you guys havent made gloves easier to get ... while u have out a new glove ....havent reduce the amount fo runs nothing has change there.


 let ascendant use less bloodstones level up, so people can get they alts some decent weapons .....and ss... with all these broken skill balance yall throwing out  from korea increase asteroid damage , bullet storm its kinda impossble for alts to do bg ..without dying like a potato from some impossible stuff to dodge unless u see the person doing it at the very last second cause all it takes is 1 ms and u dead .


also the arena situation is really sad ...cant tell me you guys care about the game when pvp is dying this bad the game where are the kr feedback going to???


1v1 is being taken over by bots now  from 1300- 1500 bots i get gold fighting a bot why you guys killed arena by removing it from daily quest and now i see bg queue time increasing from 30 sec - 1 min wait time to 7 min waiting just saying ... nothing is being done and it shows ..what ever effort put in will come straight back to u from the people who are playing...



all i gotta say is what ever trove yall planning next better come good cause that last trove alot of whales not gonna go all out .... cause lately not much loving going into this game .



















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