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Autofishing failed then stopped

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I have noticed several times that during autofishing sometimes the fishing resulted in failure and then the autofishing stopped. I have wasted multiple nights standing there doing nothing. Does it occur to anybody else? please fix this issue.

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Yes , I've been experiencing the same thing.


Theres nothing you can do until they decide to fix this. U can go around it like me, I installed remote desktop on my android device and I leave caps lock ON inside of bns. So I check every now and then via my phone when I'm at work, and click again if fishing stops. Helps me fish during the day but its still annoying. 


Also, relogging helps prolongue the time needed for "fishing failed" message to appear. So you get it again after 200ish baits, not 50-100.


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This is what I did to fix.


On the launcher there is a button for perform scan flie.  Execute the scan file function and once that is completed, log into the game again.


This should fix the fishing issue.


Hope this helps.

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