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Yeah lol idk why they don't make multi client and split people out so we can have fun. Even is all about fun and reward for players, but they made it garbage. I guess it is what it is, you can't expect anything good anymore, they have been putting out garbage stuffs since last year. 

And tbh, they don't play the game, you can tell by watching their live stream. Dude doesn't even know how to do combo. And since they don't actually play the game, they don't give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about us getting ripped off by their stupid ideas. 

Horrible events, bugs everywhere that haven't been fixed since forever, increase cost of everything more and more, put out patch note but then change it to screw players up and say "miscommunication". Yeah it can't be worst than all this lol.

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