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Hey sunshine, Good Job keep going

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Hey there, 


Just wanna keep it short and give u guys a thumbs up ( Yes my posts aren't always complaints ;) ) for putting an effort to increase transparency! This is a first good step and me and the community and the rest of the revolutionaries (im joking lmao) need you guys to keep doing this. Talk about stuff that's soon to come. What u guys are aiming for soon. And anything else really. Even if it's the smallest announcement or message. It feels good to know that u seek communication.


Keep going!!


cya next post, uwu nya


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vor 12 Stunden schrieb Nagisa Yuki:

Just wanna keep it short and give u guys a thumbs up

Have to agree. Even tho i am still bashing NC in some of my posts i feel like NC finally starts listening a bit more to players its still way to few.

Banning people for editing gamefiles and like you mentioned actully posting some of the stuff they do nowdays is an great advancement.


I just wish they would actully put up a list of the stuff they say are sending to KR and if nothing happens after like 3 Months and its gamebreaking i whish to get a reason for why they are not doing it and if its something NCwest can actully change by themselve for example PVP times i whish for them to actully discuss with us why they decide not to change anything. I got told the only reason they do something about Cheaters now is cause some Player directly contacted the KR team with some of the posts thou. 

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