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What's more concern.

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I understand it is hard if not impossible to avoid all kinds of bugs or flaws. And even if XML edit is totally banned later or the whole game is encrypted, I still believe most players don't expect a perfect game with no bugs at all. But what's more concern to me is that we have unclear/nontransparent polices against players who abuse/exploit the bugs. NCSoft/NCWest is losing the trust of this community as some if not most of players think NC will be tolerant with whales. All we need is a promise that NCSoft/NCWest:

  1. Will (not may, not probably) ban all accounts that ever abused bugs, regardless how much NCoins purchased by that account.
  2. Public every banned account name (email and other personal information should be censored) and names of all characters under that account, for the community to identify other account(s) of the same player and then ban those account(s) too.
  3. Make reporting players easier in-game or through website, in a public manner (not tickets). So everyone can track the result and/or provide additional evidence.
  4. (preferably) In addition to email address, requires a phone number to register an account.
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