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Please fix some bugs for sin

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Primarily, some quality of life ones. Here is a small list for starters:
a) Fix the allegiance soul badge. It does not refresh mine toss as it should.
b) When in a dungeon and a boss is killed, resetting all skills, please switch shadow sin skill toolbar back to decoy mode. They often get stuck in stealth mode, causing problems at the next boss.
c) Please fix bug where close shave does not keep opponents staggered. Also please fix the bug where close shave will end you up in front of the enemy instead of behind. Especially when frozen in place.
d) Please fix the bug where your teleport skills (dead drop, shadowslip, swiftstep, etc.) do not turn your camera around, and instead leave you uselessly facing the other direction unless you turn the camera manually.

Community team, if you are there and listening, let me know and I'll gladly provide video proof for all of the above bugs. If it will help improve my class I'll do whatever I can.
Thank you.

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apparently for the "poison sin" forgot the specialisation name, there is not all RMB-F combo in various situation

like it doesnt work when stealth, and doesnt work when using the poison area thing unlocking another skill to combo with RMB.


could be nice to have everything

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