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New 365 Day Premium Membership Costume is trash

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Hello NCsoft,

Even though I never bought the 365-days premium membership before, so you can just ignore my opinion.

I would still like to voice it.

The upcoming outfit for the 365 day premium "Double Take Costume + Double Take Belt" is not good looking,

its just a recolor of "Fresh Take + Pondwalker Belt" an event outfit, which you can still easily get from the Admirals Selection Chest with event tokens.

(little side-note: You didnt apply the textures correctly to the female version in the picture, see the holes in the legs and the texture mess?)


Previously you added some decent looking limited edition outfits to the 1 year premium and then released a recolor of it 1-2 years later

Now you released a free outfit in the passed and just recolored it for the 1 year premium, which I think is really lazy!


Add an epic limit edition outfit to the 1 year premium subscription to entice people on getting it.

Alot of people have shared their disappointment about the outfit, eventhough I know its kinda subjective, I havent heard anyone being positive about it.

So take that how you want it


Thanks for reading

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yeah same. I was looking forward to the new 365 days costume. Saw it and went "nope, no thanks" 1 year automatic renewal subscription cancelled as well.


just like what Grimoir suggested, if they can add in a selection box or something where the players can pick what costumes they want, that would have been much more ideal.

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I have literally no idea how and why they thought that was a good idea, and who they have working for them who thinks it's a good idea. That person, whoever they are, is completely out of touch with players.


Hi devs/Blade and Soul team!

Consider this me asking to work for you, hire me and I shall give you good ideas, and fire the loser who thought this outfit was a good idea. Replace them with me and I will make sure people love you loads and subscribe lots :HajoonCheer: times are changing, people are changing, so, needs change as well. Also whoever decided the give a gift/get a gift reward is truly a sadist who is filled with hate who is plotting against your success. I'll help turn your ship around. Contact me :D 

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