Issue with the X-Cavator 500 encounter

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In Hangar 0's X-Cavator 500 encounter, the attack Great Spiral Spin prompted by the end of the 90/60/30% mechanics is bugged. I have only verified the bug's existence in Hard Mode.


Each phase, the mechanics are repeated three times. Failing the mechanics twice, inflicting a stack of Gyro Explosion on the boss, will cause a Berserk Rage. Successfully executing the mechanics both twice and thrice (in other words, passing mechanics but not perfectly and passing mechanics perfectly) will have the boss start its Great Spiral Spin attack, but regardless of the party's mechanic execution, the attack cannot be resisted with a Blade Master/Blade Dancer's party protection or a personal resist skill. From my experience, the first of the total five hits of Great Spiral Spin is covered by a BM/BD's resist skill, but disappears right after.


Is this intended? It feels like the equivalent of failing mechanics in Easy Mode causing the phase end attack to inflict knockback regardless of resists. In Hard Mode though? Failing mechanics wipes the party and executing the mechanics starts a normal, resistable, three-hit or five-hit AoE.


Hope that's detailed enough. I'd be happy to describe or showcase the issue in more detail if needed.

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