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Recent Cost Rebalancing & Market Inflation

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The fairly recent cost adjustment to overall equipment slots are a bit of a mess. I believe plenty has been said about this, but I really hope there's some changes coming as soon as possible. Personally, for me to upgrade from Thornbreaker 3-6 and Awakened Champion 2-True Champion, it would cost me 24x Premium Transformation Stones. Because of the overall equipment upgrade requirements being shifted to Transformation Stones and Premium Transformation Stones making the prices go up by a ton, it would end up costing me around 15,000 gold.


Can I afford it? Yeah. Is it reasonable? Absolutely not. The whole shift to TS and PTS seem like one of those ideas which sounded good in theory but no one realized that, well, a huge sudden need of said items would make the price of the item skyrocket since it's obviously not easier to obtain said items. The ongoing market inflation because of an item production draught alongside shortsighted cost changes are just plain bad for the game. The amount of active players don't receive enough materials to keep the economy afloat and as always, there's a large number of players who tend to play the market which only makes matters worse. I'd also argue that it's an effect of players hoarding out of the concern that prices will increase even more in the future, despite the fact that the amount of players who are able to hoard due to the lack of supply is low in the first place. Those few giant fat whales with millions of gold (actually not an overstatement) could probably ruin the market by completely emptying if they so wanted though, so please be wary that changes are needed, and they're needed sooner rather than later.


There has been changes in the past to increase supply and decrease cost, and sure, it did work, but only temporarily. I think that part of the Auto Fishing was introduced as a way to get money out of the game, and while it was great, please be more drastic. Ultimately, my own founding is as follows: acquisition of materials have been made too rare, you've made items made from crafting and transmutation too expensive resulting in money being less worth. After that you reduced the overall gold acquisition so that old players have tons while new ones struggle to catch up which is only amplified because of the increasing item upgrade costs.


That said, I'm terrible when it comes to economics in general, so it would be greatly appreciated if there is there any piece of information that could be shared with us regarding the current situation and the plans for dealing with upgrade costs and the current state of the Marketplace.


Thanks in advance.

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