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Let's share strange reasons you've been kicked from a party.

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Hey, all!


I had an interesting thing happen earlier today... and after thinking about it for a while, I thought it'd be fun to open a thread where we can share strange/dumb/random stories of being kicked out of parties. Hopefully, we'll have enough people with crazy stories... as it's fun to sit around the proverbial campfire and share. The only thing I suggest in this thread is not to name names. This isn't a thread to call people out. Let's do this more for fun.


I'll go first (naturally) and explain my story from earlier today.



So, I joined a weekly run on my Gunslinger (A3, nothing special, but hey, it's an alt, no biggie) and got into a particularly strong party. There were a few people loading in slowly, but otherwise it was a good, strong run and everyone did mechs properly as needed. So, we complete Botany Center and move on to Titan Chamber. As we're waiting for one of the slower-loading players to enter, the leader asks "Are you in?" and I decide to be a goof and reply with "That's what she said." and got a couple chuckles from one or two people. Well, I suppose the leader wasn't laughing, because they say "wanna hear a funny joke?", started the fight... then promptly kicked me out of the run.


Yep... that apparently was all it took. :HongWhat:


Either way, after the minor inconvenience, I joined another party (skipping BC of course) and finished off the weeklies with them. Still... pretty petty response from the leader and definitely one of the weirdest reasons for being kicked from a party...



But hey, how about you guys? What strange situations got you booted from a party? Leave yours below and let's have some fun.

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This was a long time ago tho, But it was the first thing that i thought of when i read the thread title.


Since i had the gear to pretty much solo the first mini-boss guy in Snowjade fortress, I jumped in and pulled him, But got instant kicked from doing that.


The guy diden't respond when i asked why he kicked me tho, So i never found out why he reacted like that to me pulling that Mini-boss

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I was kicked without any warning an hour ago in a multi MSP party just because i was pointing out that there was ppl afk in the mid, guess one of the afk was the raid leader. Didnt plan on stay in that party any longer anyway

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