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Here is the bug list :) and more... by the community.

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So here's a nice list for now. Good job on fixing the Cathedra Cliffs Hard Mode Cheese aerial with 3rd spec Destroyer. I wish u guys acted that fast with bugs that actually matter a lil more :( I'm a 100% sure there are atleast 20 things more that i can't think of right now, but here you go :) some of these are already explained a million times. I'm sorry but cba to explain all of em. Goodluck fixing them... or just ignoring them for years cause why not right.


  • Fix spectate bug in arena
  • Fix queue end time crash bug
  • Fix gunslinger hook
  • Fix gunslinger ss
  • Fix gunslinger skystone
  • Fix destro 1 jump
  • Fix destro ground countering in stun
  • Fix destro using emberstomp while CC'ed
  • Fix destro sometimes no iframe during shield jump (1) https://www.twitch.tv/nagisayukibns/clip/AnimatedEagerSalamanderNomNom
  • Fix kfm tab jump bug
  • Fix kfm tremor bug https://clips.twitch.tv/OriginalOptimisticFishPeteZarollTie
  • Fix warden blade ward while stunned
  • Fix soul fighter reset where it doesn't go off, anima stacks get consumed bug
  • Fix summoner honey thing hitbox https://www.twitch.tv/nagisayukibns/clip/HelplessVivaciousSharkLeeroyJenkins
  • Fix all the stutters in the game
  • Fix ur client
  • Fix F2
  • Fix F4
  • Fix ignoring the obvious feedback we give you guys
  • Fix Gunslinger counter bug
  • Fix Blade Dancer phantom grab lucky break bug
  • Fix the market (F5)
  • Fix ur communication with the community
  • Fix opening multiple boxes while walking bug
  • Fix random stop sprinting bug
  • EDIT #1:
  • Fix KFM Titan Stance resetting combo bug

  • Fix KFM Rampage skewing left bug

  • Fix ground counter animations on certain classes
  • Fix escapes not being available from being KD'd after a certain amount
  • EDIT #2:
  • BM bracelet bug when u try to renew it at 2 seconds
  • EDIT #3 
  • Wind Archer getting stunned and iframing with the Tab skill. Similar to gunner iframe bugs
  • EDIT #4
  • Camera bug


to wrap it off i thought i'd add this nice picture i found. Credits to Kohami. Cya around on my next post lads :)


PS. no i don't want any of ur naive comments on this thread Grimoir, cut me some slack bro.



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I do think we should be provided with more information on the process bugs are reported, time reported, because we've had bugs like this for several months. You expect the playerbase to be happy sitting easy with minimal updates, being told "sorry not a priority" on things that are a priority to your players, it's a shame really.


Fully aware that our region has limited control and has to relay back and forth with developers. That I don't think we have a problem with, its the lack of communication and information being provided to moderators so we have updates, that much you do have control over.


Also anyone reading this thread, most moderators that reply here have their hands tied and usually its one or two people in charge of making such changes. So don't be so pissed with staff in general and moderators on this forum, they should be appreciated more.

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mhm u're right, Like i said on other posts of mine. i'm mad at the people who ARE able to make a change but don't do it. or the ones that are doing a bad job in my opinion like the QA team. most Moderators here are not doing anything other else than maintaining the COC on the forums anyway.

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i said this before and will say it again. i cba. If they show ANY SORT OF EFFORT. Sure i'll type it out in detail. Honestly they don't deserve any of our efforts but we like the game that's why we do.


If they care any bit about these bugs they will ask themselves if we could explain it in more detail. 
Like i said communication is close to non existent with NCwest maybe they'll change one day :) until that day i'm not gonna bother writing all these bugs in full detail. If someone else wants to be my guest, but not me sorry they simply don't deserve that.


i and many more other people have just been ignored after spending so much time contacting support, writing on forums, 

Private messaging managers so they might make ANY kind of change. there's just no sign of effort appreciation or acknowledgement.

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I like your list. Just 2 things:



Fix spectate bug in arena


I thought they fixed this already with a previous patch o.o





Fix summoner honey thing hitbox


Can you elaborate a bit? I play summoner and have not noticed anything regarding this o.o

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2 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

I like your list. Just 2 things:

glad u like it


3 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

I thought they fixed this already with a previous patch o.o



3 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

Can you elaborate a bit? I play summoner and have not noticed anything regarding this o.o

https://www.twitch.tv/nagisayukibns/clip/HelplessVivaciousSharkLeeroyJenkins here you go

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This list is not enough , continue )) 

Make this topic always UP 

Known Issues: Will of Iron – December 11 -  this is not what we want to ;) Make game run smooth first off all , make your micro code works fine , remove all this bugs from game items , buffs , weapon , skills , gear, maps, dungeons, raid's , all over world of blade and soul please do something.

Get your asses and start work around :))) 


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@Koxomathical that's a game mechanic tho? people hide behind so u can't hit them unless its an AOE skill. i dont think this is an archer related bug. i have it with gunner too sometimes i target someone and i throw a CC but it just disappears cuz they are hiding behind something. It's a thing if that's what you meant


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@Nagisa Yuki



Restoration Field (green sanctum): Buff often disappear and/or dont give you a reliable protection.

https://i.gyazo.com/e0127131eb3e6a1de511875430e6df6c.mp4 )


Restoration Field (green sanctum) is sometimes ready but you are not able to use it.

( 27a011d66d1d87c60f3de3454ce168bd.mp4) 


Temporal Field: "Decreases cooldowns of all skills 1.5 times faster...." You dont get the buff so the field is not working as it should.

No field buff in the buff list when you stand inside of it."
(Confirmed by the Forum CM "Hyyunkel" that this is a visual bug:



Repulse: "Resist damage and status effects for 2 sec." This are definitely not 2 seconds. 
Its 1 sec... sometimes the resist gets ignored in PVP. Tested many times. Description and Skill bug.
(Confirmed as a bug through QA & CM Hyunkel here:



Void Slash: "lift up effecct is only applied to pvp" This should include Tower of infinity too which is also marked as pvp enemy.

The thrall dont lift the enemy up there.
(Also confirmed as a bug through QA & CM Hyunkel here:



Helix/Awakened Helix: Neither the normal nor the awakened helix show damage numbers above bosses and players since awaken patch.
(Also confirmed as a bug through QA & CM Hyunkel here:



PVP bugs in general:


It happens very often that you get grapped from a BD and the icons on your interface dissapear so you cant counter the BD swords that he throw on you.
( 007cc28a0e5d6220ffe5842413155942.mp4) 

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