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Please tell the truth to new players this game is p2w

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vor 16 Stunden schrieb Lolpe:

if you cant grind you ass off, you dont get max gear. Is simple maths.

The moment you reach the actual max gear its already "years" old. It takes too long... but if you play AND pay (or only pay) will are able to reach it. THATS the problem.^^ Not grinding for gear.

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You can be assured they will extend the system by another 50 or 100 levels and more stone slots, and another tier of stones to keep them paying..., sorry i mean farming.

ok i have to explain it more slowly:  imagine every single player is able to run everything and still has some open spots in the team.  guess what? there is no single player left who is buyi

Nagisa there are limited spots in rankings and not everyone will get that high right off the bat quick enough, especially if they're a new player.    You only need to look at unity system to

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