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Orange Quests for newcomers


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Hello, fellow gamers! :)

I am very new here in blade and soul and also in general new in MMORPGs so I don't have much experiences in it. I play this game for three weeks and I ended the epic quest (Have to wait until act 11 will released). Now to level up, I started all the orange quests and ended all of them, until I have to defeat an over powered enemy and I can't do this for my own. Too less experience and so on. So this is my situation.

Now your part. I am looking for friendly and understandable players who form a group with me to do all those orange quests. I really, really want to finish them!


It would be also awesome, if you speak german. So the communication is way better. But you don't have to.


Greetings and lots of love, 



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Those are for raids not groups, you can do bt (skybreak) by just joining a random raid and maybe you can even find someone who is willing to carry you through vt (temple of eluvium). The other two you can forget about no one is gonna take you without the appropriate gear. There will be a update in the future which will add the ability to finish the raid quests solo you just have to wait until then.

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