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Okay listen here sunshine...

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7 hours ago, prietess said:

What kind of logic is this?

If all gunners have been complaining about bugs and YET THEY CANNOT REPRODUCE IT, they would have to crack their head SOMEHOW which is not our issues how, work till no sleep and give all of gunners IMMEDIATE fix or even compensation.

Its simple logic.  Its enough that their QA server has a build higher than live and there is a big chance you wont be able to reproduce a bug since then you will be testing it on a different game client version. And considering we will potentially have a patch in 2 weeks, i am almost certain they hvae it already on their QA server which means its not the same as live anymore.


7 hours ago, prietess said:

You sell a product, all your customers buying that certain kind of product (not other kinds of products-e.g. classes in this case) are complaining.

They reported, spent time to explain to you, even showed a clear video proof.

Then you can just say: "Sorry we cannot replicate any problem at our side", just like that case closed?

the difference is they do not sell it, its a free to play game.


7 hours ago, prietess said:

You should actually work closely with your customers to really identify the issue, and then IMMEDIATELY FIX IT (and HAVE NO SLEEP OR EVEN CLOSE YOUR SHOP before you fix it), and then give compensation to your customers for whatever problems they are facing because of buying your product.

(real life example)

thats in an ideal world, so far, in all the games i played over the many years have never seen it happen in any of them.


7 hours ago, prietess said:

What kind of logic you are saying above? Just understanding them that it will just take longer for them to fix it? While they are NOT even VERY MUCH interested to announce it OFFICIALLY and get these people to work with them closely (by Long distance connection or whatever means)?

Well, BnS has been lacking an actual and proper bug tracker since it launched, so lets not expect wonders here xD

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just because Korea handles the fixes doesn't mean support cant acknowledge that theres an issue.    i was on my gunner and literally saw the bug with my back step and whip line.... i went to

@Miggy Miggs you touched me with that msg bro... you feel me you feel me 

As example how it worked in a different game:   1. Received player report 2. QA team had to verify and reproduce the issue on the QA server running the same game build as live 3. I

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