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Miggy Miggs

Boring patch *Yawns* also my 2020 wishes for bns

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Its another year of bns, and all i can say is :


Last year has been rough, pretty rocky ok it was super bad.


Alot of mistakes were made but its a new year, so please let what happen stay in last year.


I've notice alot of buzz lately on youtube with some popular youtube peeps talking about the game fueled by the new engine update ..... so even if we not seeing a down pour of people 

coming into the game ,they are talking about it and planning to try the game.


we need to see :


1) Better patch notes :


nothing left off patch notes for us to discover later on


2) Better cost reduction 


we need cost reduction and not cost change i've seen countless cost reduction changes that  needed changes after patch was dished out.


3) better events


we dont wanna see these repetitive events if so , let korea increase an old dungeon stat and make that a daily event dungeon, at least then it wouldnt be as boring , as alot of people wouldnt mind running some of those old dungeons again.


4) better outfits  & hm store rotation


2019 outfits wasnt has impressive as 2018 outfits , some were big in places etc.... hm store outfits are literally 3 years old this year or 4 idk , its time people sat down and make the hm store alot more exciting and refreshing . add a weapon skin tab and an outfit tab  and fill the slots up...and market the items ...


5) better communication 

i see where you guys are making effort to make communication better but please make it the best for 2020.


6) better trove 


the quality of trove is so bad these days spending 100 dollars will give you like 20 dollars worth of items .... and flood you with mats  (which i dont mind but .... not every one wants mats we just take em cause thats the best item....there .


my feedback on the current patch 




this patch is by far the most boring i've seen literally nothing going on but dc and fishing ????


the store items looks very disappointing, it doesn't even pencil out , like the price of a bundle (new ones ) doesnt make sense buying , compare to buying it from market place than you get some charm.


event is pretty dry .


are you guys working on a patch? cause if we have to bare this until February-___- 


we need something in store rng boxes are something .....dc and fish dc and fish .....wont cut it  .








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The last two troves have been literal garbage fires, I didn't even spend the NCoin i had sitting on my account on the last trove because of how bad the previous trove was.


The reality is NA doesn't even get told what is coming up for the game, remember how they announced the restart server for UE4 Korea at the worlds? They never even told the other regions heads that this was going to be a thing. It caused so much confusion and speculation on what we would be getting.

Something that important and NA staff got a big middle finger from NCsoft Korea. Pure disrespect. 

I don't blame NA NCsoft for content, however ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ trove? yea that's on them, they aren't in touch with the player base. 

Spending 100 USD, the cost of 2 AAA games and walking away feeling ripped off and upset? No that should never happen, however it did, so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ troves. 


The harvest event was good though.

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yea harvest event was so nice :) 


all i know, is everybody complaining about that last trove ...... they better come good if they wanna make money off trove again cause that was the last straw for alot of whales.

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Aside from the usual needs for performance like no stutters, faster load screens, faster game boot up, and higher FPS in group content. I made a list of things for my wishlist for this game to improve upon or have some quality of life included.

  1. Being able to retry ToI matches without having to load out and in each time, especially if you hoard many tickets and farm stage6 boxes all at once.
  2. Remove unbind available notification
  3. Just remove the stamina bar? They want to add mounts later anyways, in gacha of course.
  4. To be able to disable more than 5 skills in the talent tree.
  5. F2 needs to be more simplified, like merge similar stats into dropdown categories.
  6. An option to have the game sound running while it's in background.
  7. More old cash outfits to be tailorable
  8. Instant salvage, open boxes, other related things without the need of BnSBuddy addon.
  9. Remove F8 and make use of F7, no point since it's 1 server now, free windstrides for daily and weekly challenge locations if not completed.
  10. If F8 stays, fix the invisible character issue, let use load directly inside the dungeon, and add a NPC at the entrance that can give u access to vault, repair, and vendoring.
  11. Prevent UI windows from closing if you are manually fishing instead of autobait fishing.
  12. To be able to slot weapon skins and pet skins without having to fuse/unfuse each time.
  13. Remove gold requirements for upgrading equipment, transmuting items, and mailing items on the same account.
  14. Offer PvE methods for more tradeable mats to be farmed. Like include some mats into dynamic quests or better, make it possible to farm transformation stones to stabilize the ever increasing market value of all the tradeable mats while our daily/weekly gold gains keep getting reduced *pepega*.
  15. To be able to toggle off UI elements without needing to drag them off screen.
  16. To be able to delete the combat and LFG chat windows.
  17. Bring back the little open world things like field bosses, timed events, and daily quests of 24man hubs with relevant rewards to current endgame needs. For a MMORPG, it's more of a dungeon crawler.
  18. Save IP address/device for 30 days after you enter your login pin.
  19. Free flying camera mode feature with preset filters to make some cool or sexy screenshots and to be able to pause our character to get a certain frame during emotes.
  20. Remove being in combat if you don't get hit or hit anything. Or drop combat faster when nothing is nearby.
  21. To use the dance emotes from specific outfits without wearing or modding it.
  22. Housing system, collect furniture from drops, achievements, and the cash shop of course, why wouldn't they?
  23. To be able to choose different idle stances. Not the animations, but the way the character stands.
  24. An actual black colored dye in tailor without the need of using certain patterns if you just want plain.
  25. To receive an illusion copy of previous weapon and pet skins you have already unlocked.
  26. To be able to wardrobe the Oceanic weapon skin.
  27. Remove the 24 hour cooldown for all the charms that have them.
  28. Add the last 4 rows in vault to be unlocked with dragon pouches.
  29. Talent points should automatically be redeemed without needing to click it in the achievement log.
  30. Login rewards should be immediately sent to item claim.
  31. Daily/weekly challenge rewards should automatically be placed in inventory.
  32. Redeem unlimited copies of master founder weapon skin.
  33. Remove load screens within dungeons like The Shadowmoor after the first boss and any other related dungeon.
  34. A more seamless world without all the instance portals.
  35. More dance emotes tied specifically to the races.
  36. To have the Razer Chroma feature working again.
  37. Option to disable notification for quest letters.
  38. Premium run effects are the cause to battleground crashes, should fix that *kappa*.
  39. Preview characters with more outfits during character appearance editing.
  40. Updated character models, more polygons, smoother weights, and higher texture resolution options.
  41. Consistent body size through all outfits.
  42. Toggle option to hide weapons when sheathed.
  43. Remove player factions and turn it into pure PvE experience against enemy NPC factions. Have a system where there is a progress bar to be filled by all player contributions to fight against a big boss for rewards.
  44. More fishing locations to even out congested spots.
  45. Meaningful and enjoyable events than just glorified daily/weekly challenge grind labeled as *event*.
  46. Stop calling treasure trove an "event" and should be advertised as a sale. It's what they call it in their treasure trove guide on forums.
  47. Pressing 4 to revive if the spawn location is nearby or in the same instanced room shouldn't give you a load screen.
  48. Bring back 15 second chi recovery for premium.
  49. Revert Zulia's outfit nerf :^ )
  50. Add more life to the house of pleasures :^ )

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That is some list of QoL improvements, if only they would implement half of it, it would be awesome ^^

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