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Outfit Delivery Stamp question


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I'd like to send an outfit to one of my other characters, but in the description box it doesn't say anything about outfit delivery stamps, only the usual "Unable to Trade"


The outfit in question is Rebirth. Pictured here


I know some outfits can't be mailed to alts for some reason, such as when you turn it into a custom outfit, but Rebirth isn't one you can tailor so is it actually one you can mail with stamps, and if not, why?



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Originally I was looking at the outfit via the Showroom. Now, when looking at the outfit directly from the Admiral's New Clothes selection box, it does say it can be mailed...


Very strange. I just wanted to know if I would need to buy delivery stamps, since the character I want Rebirth for isn't the one I've been collecting reindeer ornaments on.

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On 12/21/2019 at 2:40 PM, PhoenixMitra said:

Greetings everyone,


Please feel free to reach out to our Support team for clarification. Depending on how you obtain certain costumes, their properties change. You can reach the Support team via the Support tab above.

Ohh, I see -- that's interesting to know. Thanks for the explanation.


On 12/21/2019 at 2:26 PM, Unya said:

I obtained my Rebirth from the Admiral's box in a previous event. It shows as "Bound to Account" and has the option to mail between characters for 6 outfit stamps. So as far as I can tell, it should work.

Thank you, I was pretty confused by the difference between the descriptions from the Showroom and the Admiral's box. I was indeed able to mail it. :)

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