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Additional Slot Voucher bug

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I have made several tickets to support and made a forum topic about this but since no solution or care provided i want to try my chance here as well. I have 11 chars on my account and on this official announcement https://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/storm-of-arrows-store-update/ it is clearly stated that maximum char slot increased to 12. But when i try to buy additional slot voucher i get message "Purchase limit exceeded.Unable to purchase more." and i can see on the definition of this voucher that "The maximum available character slots in Blade&Soul is 11.You cannot purchase or use vouchers in excess of this amount." Some players have 12 slots while me and some of the players have this problem and have 11 slot. I think maybe its because i missed free additional slot voucher on Zen archer patch i dont know. I have even tried gifting Additional Slot voucher from my other account but still got error and it is clear that this vouchers have limit of 11 which in fact should be 12 at the moment. So how can i get my 12 th slot? I have missed free slot at latest patch and support only forwarding this problem to development department and nothing done yet as of 3 weeks. Should i wait 1-2 year for next free voucher for 12 th slot? Additional Slot voucher data needs to be updated so players can buy this up to 12 chars as stated on official announcement. This problem needs to be put on known issues and addressed properly. Please fix this or find a solution for it as i dont want to make 1 more account just for 1 more char while some other players normally have 12 slots.

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Have you tried reinstalling your client?

The slot vouchers from the store and the free character slots they were giving out have nothing to do with the max amount of slots. that is server based

Its a safe bet to assume something is broken in your game client.

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I have tried everything i can, reinstall repair etc. but nothing worked. There were people like me did that but that didnt work as well as you can see on the forum post i made.


It is by all means not about my game client it should be clear by now. İf there isnt a limitation on server side we could buy as many vouchers as we can but clearly there is a limit. Even the definition of additional slot voucher is still "11" so it is clearly server side problem. From what i see there is no limitation on free slot vouchers and if you have missed them on warden or zen archer patch you cant get 12 th slot with additional slot vouchers as its max value is still 11. I want a developer to answer and fix this problem as there is people like me losing hope by each day since there isnt anything done yet. You introduce new class spec but we cant buy the 12 th slot to try it while other people have it. 

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Greetings UltimaST,


Please submit a ticket to our Support team on this issue, so they can collect more information and forward it to the appropriate team members for a closer look. You can reach them via the Support tab above.


Thank you!

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