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This game needs to be shut down


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On 26.12.2019 at 6:15 PM, KzE said:

Getting gear is not hard. Its boring. And why should someone play something, what is boring? Ofc alot of ppl quit.

Besides other aspects I can confirm that most people on my friendlist stopped playing because it is boring. It is no challenge to spend hours and hours in this game to get a good piece of gear, literally “everyone“ can do this. Where is the content that actually needs good gaming skills and communication? Where is the dungeon you might also fail 3 times a day even after two weeks with your static party and get a decent reward?

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On 1/1/2020 at 2:40 PM, Pockydere said:

you have the option to uninstall :) 
there are people still love the game 
if you are not happy then delete the game and go to another 

Thats why blade and soul is the worst in terms of benefits of whole ncsoft platforms.


Keep encouraging people to leave the game haha, you are so dumb...

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On 12/20/2019 at 5:24 PM, Viblo said:

I'd argue that for this post to be of value, you should explain your stance on why you think the game failed in the west. Personally, without going into any specifics, I think it has tons to do with the lack of engagement from our publishers in being knowledgeable and interactive with the community as well as a neglect from the development team to partly make sure our feedback is implemented and partly maintain active development resulting in a lack of bug fixes. In other words, the game is not at all a tailored version of the game to fit the western market and much more like a treadmill of copy-pasting from other markets without any regard for our opinion.


Whether the failure in meeting the western region's demands is the fault of NCWEST or NCSOFT's team at Bloodlust is up to debate. I kind of think it has more to do with NCSOFT than the others considering how unnervingly poor their organization seems to be.

100% this. There is almost no new player retention because of them being clueless.  

I invited around 10 people to try this game and all of them quit before level 20 saying the game was too easy (1 shotting mobs).

While the game being easy is a  very big misconception, it's what new players see and experience. On the other hand developers are doing the opposite by making combat easier but not reducing storyline by cutting out useless parts of it.  But there is much more to talk like marketplace, gear patch, pvp etc. etc. 

Too many things to talk that I should just start a new post with a wall of text.

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after all the failures ncsoft had in the past (city of heroes, MxM, wildstar) i am glad i quit this game in 1 week after being released in the west, yes i was a fool to buy the grand master foundation i think it was called the one that it costed 130 euros...but hey i escaped cheaper than other...i was expecting gold spammers and farming bots..but the cheaters in arena that was the last straw and don't reply me "but the bots in arena are a good thing" might be good in the short term but it will ruin the game for most people in the long term. haven't playied the game since then and if others are happy who cares, i did what i had to do and save my brain cells from extinction. i hope in the future NcFail will shutdown them selfs for good, the western Aion fiasco also i will never gonna forget it, these asian mmo's should stay in asia

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The way they run this game, only a matter of time now. UE4 delayed AGAIN, lol. Which means seeing the full game in UE4 in the west.....in 2020? I don't think so....


What did this game start out with like 10 NA servers? Down to one in less than 4 years? 

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So for those that genuinely enjoy this game should just suddenly start hating this game 'cuz you do? 


This lacks so much logic. 


I get that this is an opinion, as everyone is allowed to having one of course,  but...


Why was this even posted? It's literally just whining; what is this going to achieve? I mean, vent all you want, I guess?


But perhaps I'm ignorant,  because I'm 100% new to this game and have been playing for like...what...a week(ish)?


But hey, I'm enjoying this game so far. It's mostly a stress relief for me, though. And a manner of possibly making friends. 


This game is beautiful, and I like the combat mechanics, and my character is adorable.  What more could I ask for? 


Every MMO has their faults,  my friend. 

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