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upgrade path from storm dragon to aransu unfair

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i see the upgrade path from storm dragon 6 to aransu 6 and paths above is unfair because it need 5 empyrean sprite stones and that kinda unfair like going to aransu 1 was with just 1 empyrean and switching to aransu from storm dragon is with 5 like if i do mistake i get all of that to pay as gold and materials for them for no much of DPS and that much not even needed for going from aransu to grand celestial  weapon and as example if i need to go from storm dragon 9 to grand celestial i have to use 8 empyrean stones  like how is that op unfair 

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it isnt unfair, its normal. You are changing to a superior path, you have to see it as a "new" weapon stage. you need to carefully chewck on whats more efficient for you cause it might be better to go storm dragon -> Shadowforge -> grand celestial 6.

Going to grand celestial 3 is a dps loss.

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